Some Tips to Control the Dust Airborne in Construction Sites

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Dust becomes concern in construction sites. It is something that cannot be avoided and the airborne pollution becomes the concern. It is not only for the people working on the site, but the dust can be blown by the wind and it can spread to the nearby area. Of course, it becomes the responsibility of the company and the management of the construction site to handle and control the dust. Unfortunately, it may not be easy because it is small particle and wind can make things worse. In this case, there are some tips to handle the dust and airborne.

Making Barriers

One of the possible ways to control the dust and prevent them from polluting the nearby area is by setting up a barrier. The barriers will seal off the construction site and it will block the wind. The dust will not spread to wider area and it will be limited by the barrier. The management of construction site can build fences or walls as the barriers. It can be tall enough so wind will not escape and blow the dust. The perimeter should be prepared and calculated, and even the position of fences or walls should be prepared well based on the flow of the winds so it will be more effective.

Using Dust Control Systems

The barriers can seal off the location. However, it only stops the dust from escaping from the construction site. People inside the sealed area of the site still have to deal with the dust airborne. That is why it is important to take the second tips and it is to use the dust control on construction sites. This is great dusts control cannon that will utilize water droplets to control the dust. Basically, the dust control systems will release and blow water droplets into the air. By doing so, the droplets will bind the dust by creating mists so dust will no longer become problems.

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